“The Long-Term Effect of Demographic Shocks on the Evolution of Gender Roles: Evidence from the Transatlantic Slave Trade"  Forthcoming in the Journal of the European Economic Association

“Intergenerational Mobility and Preferences for Redistribution" (with Alberto Alesina and Stefanie Stantcheva)  American Economic Review, 2018, 108(2), 521-554. Online Appendix; Covered by The Washington Post, The Economist, The Atlantic, Vox                                           

Working Papers and Work in Progress

"Patronage and Selection in Public Sector Organizations" (with Emanuele Colonnelli and Mounu Prem) Revise and Resubmit at the American Economic Review.  Covered by World Bank Development Impact Blog, VoxDev    

"Economic Recessions and Congressional Preferences for Redistribution" (with Maria Carreri)   

"What Drives Corporate Elites’ Campaign Contribution Behavior?”

"Peer Effects in Campaign Contributions: Evidence from the Members of the Corporate Boards of U.S. Firms" (with Horacio Larreguy)